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Hey Lost Fans.. I know it has been some time since Via Domus came out but here’s a compilation of all the Easter Eggs and interesting things I saw..

1. In the beginning of Episode 6 the Smoke Monster separates into three heads like in (S3E16 One of Us) this is another thing to add to the whole Ceberus theory.

2.Like Maqrkk said before Hurley, Micheal and Mr. Eko is seen in the Persephone Hotel.

3.The Shark in the Hydra station is INDEED the “Dharma Shark” seen briefly in Season 2.Look closely at its tailfin after lifting it you can see the Dharma Logo clearly. And the shark is uhh.. dead..

4. The Light that Desmond shines up the Hatch door can be seen if you walk back to the Hatch from the Caves after Locke has introduced you to it.

5. The “Via Domus” boat in the end of the game is not Desmond’s sailboat “Elizabeth”. Although the show does not show the “Via Domus” it is not the sailboat due to the show’s timeline. ( Elliot leaves before Michael does in Season 2 ).

6. The boat the “Other” was in IS Michaels Boat at the end of of Season 2.

7. Those who’ve played the game should also know that the Flame Station has an underground passage that passes through the Sonar Fences and into the Barracks.

8. A second Blast Door Map exists behind the original pointing to the Electromagnet Room that is only seen in the game.

9. The anchor of the Black Rock is seen downhill. This shows that maybe a long time ago that area might be sea bottom.

10. Hurley looks horrifying.

Although a lot of you are scratching your heads over what happened in the end and even the producers said that the ending was not important as the game is not a canon..
but here’s my theory of what happened anyways..

While leaving the Island Elliot gets hit with a whole time-travelling electromagnet thing that causes a hiccup in time.

This causes him to (like Desmond in The Constant)
jump back in time and into the moment where his girlfriend Lisa was shot. Instead of taking the photo he saves Lisa’s life and gets away.

But due to the whole Universal Course Correction thing no matter what he does next he’ll still end up on Oceanic 815
and no matter what it will still crash on the Island. This brings us to the ending cutscene where Elliot wakes up in the crash and Lisa runs to him very much alive.

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