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We've already seen a good deal of reviews about Via Domus, but we still haven't covered what some of the other major gaming sites have to say about the game. The consensus seems to be that this is a game for Lost fans only, which if you are reading this blog most likely includes you. A lot of the reviews have been stressing that the game can be completed in under 12 hours or so, which may make it more worth renting than buying if you only plan on playing it once.

  • IGN - 5.5/10 says: "Ask any Lost fan a question about the show and you are likely to be drawn into a long-winded conversation about The Others, polar bears and how hot Sawyer looks with his shirt off. Ask someone who doesn't watch the show why people seem obsessed with Lost and they will likely shrug, roll their eyes and say, "Who gives a damn?" If you are of the former camp -- the kind who dreams of one day crashing on the Island just so you can personally solve its mysteries -- then you should probably rent (not buy) Via Domus. If you're in the latter category, turn away."

  • Gamespot - 6.5/10 says: "All three versions of Lost: Via Domus look and perform in a similar manner. The PlayStation 3 version looks a little cleaner and brighter than the others, but it can be played only after a seven-minute, onetime install. The PC version allows for seamless mouse-and-keyboard controls. The Xbox 360 version looks a little darker than the others. Still, you'll get the same story and a pretty similar experience on every platform.

    For the most diehard of Lost followers, the time spent with the game will be enjoyable. Unfortunately, it is over way too fast. Via Domus is full of little hang-ups, and it requires some knowledge of the show that could potentially isolate outside players and keep them from becoming immersed in the gameworld. Ultimately, this game can be recommended for purchase only to the most diehard of Lost fans."

  • Team XBox - 6.5/10 says: "Gameplay-wise, Via Domus is an average adventure experience that most players will be able to wrap up fairly quickly. Odds are, even a run-of-the-mill gamer will be able to play through the game from start to finish in about ten hours or less. And, much like a TV show, once you’ve finished it, you probably won’t go back to it for quite some time. There’s virtually no replay value whatsoever. On the upside, the solid scripting does a great job of making the overall experience feel just like an episode of the show. In fact, the game’s story and the progression of its plot is what keeps Via Domus from sinking in its own mediocrity."

  • Videogamer - 6/10 says: "...The musical score can't be criticised though, with the show's signature sound being reproduced superbly. The game is even structured into episodes, so you get a little set-up scene, followed by the white text on black logo, then the episode ending with that classic Lost cliff-hanger noise that closes off every show. The start of the next chapter even gives you a "Previously on Lost" rundown, adding to the whole feeling of the game being a TV show. What doesn't add to this, though, is the awkward looking acting, a not really TV-quality script and some odd roughness in the visuals and audio (in one scene Hurley's voice has the sound of the sea in the background, but the others around him are talking with no background noise)."

  • MetaCritic - 58/100: MetaCritic combines tons of video game review sites into one score. For a large helping of more reviews check out MetaCritic.

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