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Hi DarkUFO, here is a little bit new from upcoming Lost game, thought you might find this interesting. There is a magazine called "BGamer" and it had a access to a near final build of the game, they also interviewed the producer of Lost Game. Here are some facts about the game:

- You can interact and talk with every single character of the series.
- You can trade items, cheat sawyer for example, ask for help, create discussions.
- Some characters will become a threat, other friends and will help you.
- Flashbacks of the game are playable, and the flashbacks take place in another places besides the island.
- In the game you will find a way to go home.
- For example if you want to explore the jungle at night, you have to use extreme caution, because the smoke monster can be around.
- You can hide in trees to escape black smoke monster.
- The game inserts on the first 2 seasons of the series only, but there are a lot of suprises and answers to some secrets of the show.
- The engine is an updated version of Yeti engine (used in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2), features god-rays like Crysis, realistic vegetation, depth of field, and much more.
- Not all voices are from the real actors, but the characters are really well done, you feel like you are talking to Swayer or Hurley.
- Exploration of the island is one of the main incentives of the game.
- The game is divided into episodes.
- You will be able to explore Dharma stations, and much more.
- One of the writers of the show worked with Ubisoft, full time.
- The game is about surviving.

And here are some photos from magazine itself.

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Plus,the official website became brand new -

Source: BGamer Magazine

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