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Thanks to crikey for the heads up on this article by Eurogamer

Lost, as you undoubtedly know if you've peered out from underneath that rock in the last couple of years, starts with a bloody big plane crash - and if we're being totally honest, it's probably fair to say that you're here in the hopes of rubbernecking at yet another hideous crash.

You're not reading a preview of the Lost videogame because you genuinely have your hopes up for the game, any more than you watch news reports about Britney Spears because you genuinely hope she's sorted her life out. You're here for the disaster. You're here hoping we'll come up with a handful of amusing, politically incorrect ways to describe this game as a pile of poo, which you can chuckle at and move on.

To you then, dear reader, heartfelt apologies, because today's regularly scheduled sarcasm and ranting has been cancelled. Don't blame us - blame Ubisoft, into whose hands fell the task of crafting a videogame from a TV franchise many people thought to have jumped the shark about a year ago. It should, by all the unspoken yet intractable laws which govern game development, be awful in every regard. It's not. From the dripping, grinning jaws of abject defeat, Ubisoft has snatched - well, if not victory, then at least respectability. Colour us as surprised as we are impressed.

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Source: Eurogamer

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